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    kona coffee
    kona coffee
    kona coffee
    Prime grade Kona Coffee is made up of somewhat smaller beans than the Estate, but still has a very rich taste and a full, smooth flavor.

    Because prime beans are smaller than the other Koa grades, the lower price makes it great for every day drinking.

    Did you know that pure Kona Coffee constitutes less than one percent of the world's total coffee supply?

    That's why the ecomonically priced Prime Kona Coffee beans can be hard to get. They're often bought up by mainland coffee roasters.

    Our Prime Roast Kona Coffee is available in your choice of full city roast or dark roast. At this price, why not stock up?

      Whole Bean Ground Coffee
    Prime Kona: 5 lb. bag $122.00
    Prime Kona: 1 lb. bag $27.00
    Prime Kona: 1/2 lb. bag $15.00
    1 LB, delivered monthly [ Club Price ] $24.30

      Whole Bean Ground Coffee
    Prime Dark Roast Kona: 5 lb. bag $132.00
    Prime Dark Kona: 1 lb. bag $29.00
    Prime Dark Kona: 1/2 lb. bag $16.00
    1 LB, delivered monthly [ Club Price ] $26.10
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