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    kona coffee gift BEST VALUE: DELUXE GIFT BAG

    Our most popular kona coffee bundle to give - or keep. Great for holiday entertaining, too. Treat your guests with a taste of Hawaii. Happy New Year!

  • 1 lb of our Private Reserve Kona Coffee
  • 1 lb of the rare Peaberry Kona
  • lb Grande Domaine Kona Coffee
  • lb Estate Kona Coffee
  • Chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans

    Regular value $124.95 -- SAVE $25.95
    ONLY $99

    use coupon code: FREESHIP

    Whole Bean Kona

    Ground Kona

  • Star-who?
    After trying my first cup of Peaberry coffee my wife and myself were hooked. It's the smoothest coffee on the planet. Star-who? You'll be getting plenty of orders from us, in fact one is one the way right now. Mahalo
    ...... Steve Costenbader

    kona coffee gift TRIPLE KONA DELIGHT
    Three of our most popular Kona Coffee selections, each with a unique and distinctive taste. Gift packaged in a beautiful Hawaiian Plumeria bag. Comes with a Hawaiian gift card that you can personalize during checkout.

  • 1 lb of our exclusive Private Reserve Kona Coffee
  • 1 lb of the rare Peaberry Kona Coffee
  • 1 lb of our Classic Estate Kona Coffee

    Regular value $98 -- Save $15
    Now Only $84.95

    Whole Bean Kona
    Ground Kona

  • The Best of the Best. Mahalo!
    Aloha! I had my first cup of Koa Coffee Plantation's "Private Reserve" yesterday morning. What a remarkable coffee! Smooth, bold, delicious! My wife bought me your coffee for Christmas. My mother-in-law bought me a french press coffee maker. Well, like mother, like daughter. What a great Christmas! I've always known Kona coffee is the best in the world. Now I've found the best-of-the-best. Mahalo!......Dave Berg; Minneapolis, MN

    An exotic treat for the chocolate lover. With Hawaiian gift bag and card that you can personalize during checkout.
  • pound Grande Domaine Kona Coffee
  • pound of our exclusive Private Reserve Kona
  • pound Chocolate Flavored Kona Coffee
  • 8oz chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  • 4oz chocolate covered peaberry kona beans.

    Regular value $67.95 -- Save $10
    Now Only $57.95

    Whole Bean Kona
    Ground Kona Coffee

  • Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Koa...
    I decided, after an exasperating weekend of holiday shopping, that nothing says Merry Christmas as well as a pound or two of really good Koa Coffee! ...... P. Ellington

    kona coffee gift subscription A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING

    We'll send Kona Coffee to your favorite coffee lover, every month, for as long as you want us to.

    Your initial gift will arrive in time for Christmas - and imagine his (or her) delight when it arrives again in January, and yet again in February. It's the gift that keeps giving... sending a smile every month, for as long as you want.

    There's a 3 month minimum, but you can choose to send your gift for 3 months, 6 months - or right until next Christmas, if you like. Duration of gift subscriptions is completely up to the giver.

    The really cool part? Low up front cost. We'll bill you monthly when we ship. And with discounted "club" rates on kona coffee subscriptions, you might want to gift yourself, too!
    See kona coffee subscription selections

    A Great Find!
    We heard about you and sampled your coffee at Kona Village Resort. This coffee is a great find!
    ......Ken and Janice

    Very Impressed...
    I ordered coffee for my husband from you to give to him as a Christmas present. I had it sent to my daughters address so he would not find out about his present. I must tell you I was very impressed with the way you handled the situation, by calling my daughter and asking the connection between us before you sent it. I am also very pleased with your fast service and it is wonderful coffee. He loves the full flavor and we feel of all the Kona coffees we have purchased and tried from Hawaii you are the best so far. With not only taste but service. We thank you!......Janet; Big Sky, Montana

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