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    kona coffee
    kona coffee
    kona coffee
    Estate kona coffee is kona coffee that is grown, harvested, roasted and packaged all from one plantation or "estate."

    It is never blended with coffee beans from other farms; but is a pure reflection of one estate’s production.

    By the technical description (above) all of the kona coffee sold at Koa Plantation is "estate" coffee.

    However, in this bag of Koa Estate coffee, you will not only find estate grown coffee, but estate grown coffee that is a mixture of the top three grades... favoring the largest.

    It is the best of the best! A smooth, elegant and perfectly balanced rich flavor.

    When you grind and brew these big beans, you'll experience an aroma and flavor that are pure paradise.

     PriceWhole BeanGround Coffee
    Estate Kona Coffee: 5 lb. bag $122.00
    Estate Kona Coffee: 1 lb. bag $27.00
    Estate Kona Coffee: 1/2 lb. bag $15.00
    1 LB, delivered monthly [ Club Price ] $24.30

     PriceWhole BeanGround Coffee
    Dark Roast Estate Kona: 5 lbs $132.00
    Dark Roast Estate Kona: 1 lb. $29.00
    Dark Roast Estate Kona: 1/2 lb. $16.00
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