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Koa Coffee Plantation's "Baba's Beans coffee" is made to exceptionally high standards from our trees-to-the-cup to offer you the ultimate coffee experience. (with the hope of also imparting some aloha from the Hawaiian islands!)

Our estate-grown Kona coffee trees are situated on the leeward side of Mauna Loa volcano, providing them with rich, fertile soil. The combination of an ideal elevation of 2,500', sun-drenched mornings with cloud-covered afternoons and above average rainfall allows our beans to mature slowly. This microclimate enables our beans to attain a superb size and grade.

Our vertically integrated farm allows us to control quality from harvesting to milling. First, we selectively handpick each bean at their peak ripeness. We then employ the best processing and milling technologies that are both ecologically and environmentally efficient to maximize the unique and subtle characteristics revealed in the beans.

We carefully hand-roast our pure Kona beans to perfection, exposing the intensely sweet yet delicately complex flavor in the varietal. Sipping this delicious beverage and smelling the exotic aroma completes any moment. We deliver consistent flavor cup-to-cup, fresh from our plantation in Hawaii.

With our passion for Kona coffee excellence, we offer you our award winning Kona coffee that is consistently smooth with a rich, well-balanced flavor- the Finest Coffee in the World.

Enjoy, from all of us at Koa Coffee Plantation
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