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coffee definitions The language of the Hawaiian Kona Plantation are as rich and decadent as our coffee itself.

Discover what we mean when we talk of red cherries, kona bean parchment and kona snow, and gain understanding of the terms used behind the scenes as we bring you the world's finest cup of coffee time and time again.

Acidity: Flavorful acidity is the term used to describe the coffee component that adds the sparkle and zest to a cup of coffee. The best Kona Coffees have a sweet and delicate acidity.

Aroma: It is the smell released by the cup as the coffee's flavor elements break free of the coffee liquid's surface after being combined with the hot water. The best coffees have a fine, clean, sweet, and strong aroma that will mirror the taste characteristics of the cup.

Bean: Two flat seeds formed with the normal cherry

Body: It is the mouth feel imparted by the natural oils contained in the coffee bean. It conveys a sensation of pleasant heaviness that gives an impression of thickness to the liquid.

Cherry: The fruit of the coffee tree. It starts forming as green berries and changes color from yellow-orange to deep red, the only time to pick

Drying: The beans are washed and laid out on decks and sun-dried. Mechanical drying may also be used to ensure the beans reach a consistent moisture level.

Green: This is the coffee bean stage where the coffee has been wet-processed and later milled. It is the phase when the beans are ready to be roasted.

Full City Roast: The beans are roasted deeper than a medium roast to bring out the maximum body without roasting out the specific characteristics inherit from the microclimate from where it is grown. We stop the roast at the beginning of the second crackle to produce beans that are chestnut brown with a slight shimmer of oils on the surface

Kona Snow: White, sweet-smelling blossoms that cover the coffee trees at intervals from January through May.

Milling: The stage where the stiff parchment skin and the thin silver-skin below it is removed. At this time, the coffee is sized, ready for state-certification.

Parchment: After the stage when the outer red skin and flesh is removed and then dried. Parchment is the stiff white skin around the beans.

Peaberry: When coffee cherries produce only one round seed instead of two flat ones.

Pulping: Separating the beans from the outer red skin

Roast: Heating the green beans to a desired color and taste. There are numerous types of roasts performed on the green beans such as medium, full city, or dark roast.

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