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    Kona Coffee Triple Pack

    pure Kona coffee
    pure Kona coffee
    pure Kona coffee
    Try a combination package of our award winning pure kona coffee;
    • 1/2 pound of Private Reserve pure Kona coffee in the glossy black bag.

    • 1/2 pound of gourmet Peaberry, the rarest and one of the most sought after pure Kona coffees

    • 1/2 pound of our world renouned Koa Estate pure Kona coffee.

    Reg $41; Try All 3 For $29.99

    Whole Bean

    Kona Coffee Triple Pack DARK

    pure Kona coffee
    pure Kona coffee
    pure Kona coffee

    Like dark coffee? You'll love dark Kona!
    • 1/2 lb Peaberry Dark, the champagne of Kona. Great as espresso!

    • 1/2 lb of our Prime Dark Kona Coffee

    • 1/2 lb of our award winning Private Reserve Kona coffee in an exquisite dark roast. (Try blending it with Peaberry; it's wonderful!)

    Reg $44.00, Try all 3 for $32.99

    Whole Bean

    Aloha Coffee Lovers!

    If you're searching for 100% estate grown kona coffee, you're in for a treat!

    Environmentally Friendly!
    In 2002, we became the first Kona farm in Kona, Hawaii to use a revolutionary wet-processing system from Columbia that is ecologically and environmentally efficient.

    We believe this process contributes to the many awards our kona coffee wins.

    Our Kona is roasted to order
    Our 100% pure Kona Coffee is roasted to order and packaged in protective foil bags while still warm from the oven.

    When you open a bag of Kona Coffee from our plantation, you will experience the fresh taste and aroma that our prize winning Kona coffee is known for.

    Featured in Forbes:

    In 2006, Forbes featured our Kona among the most exquisite and "pricey" coffees in the world. At about 20 cents per cup, we think it gives a whole new perspective to styrofoam cup coffee.

    2004; PCCA Coffee of the Year PCCA 2004
    ...the result was near unanimous. Baba's Beans 100% Kona was the winner by clear consensus...
    This was a truly outstanding coffee.

    Featured in Forbes; America's Best
    Forbes review

    As appeared in Forbes "50 of America's Best"
    forbes magazine review
    forbes magazine review
    Best Coffee: Koa Plantation
    forbes magazine review

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