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I don't know what I expected, but a personal email from the owner of your company was not it... already I am impressed!

Your website is one of the simplest I have ever used to navigate. Ordering was very easy, and to know that an just an email is all that it would take to discontinue (not that I want to), seems too good to be true.You can now count me as a "regular".

Thank you,
Justine Arnett

It's Here! What service! Ordered Friday morning, got it 3pm Monday afternoon! We can't wait for our first cup! ALOHA from Niceville, Florida!
H. Schoditsch

After trying my first cup of Baba's Peaberry whole bean coffee my wife and myself were hooked. It's the smoothest coffee on the planet.


You'll be getting plenty of orders from us, in fact one is one the way right now.

Steve Costenbader
I just received my order... I brewed my first cup and wow - what a great flavor.

And I have noticed with yours and all other Kona coffee that the caffeine level is just perfect for me- strong.

Thank you for a great coffee experience.

Christie Love

It's getting cold in Chicago and we are supposed to get some snow in the next couple of days.Knowing "Tax Season" is around the corner, I need to order some great coffee!

I got my coffee delivery on Saturday and it made my boyfriend's day. The coffee is wonderful and I will definitely be ordering again.


The first pound was so good that I want two this time!

Ricky Morgan
Thank you for being so helpful. I was shopping at several sites, but you made it easy so I didn't have to go anywhere else.

Al Stello

We received our order today and we are delighted. The order was filled as requested and the promptness of your fulfillment was great. The packaging of your coffee is beautiful. I commend you and Koa Coffee Plantation.

Family owned and operated businesses are best. I know, I am one.

Mike O
Keep up the good work!! Your new site is really nice looking. Thanks again for the prompt service and great coffee!!

K. Callahan

We would like to know if you have the coffee club for the Decaf Kona beans. We would definitely be interested. Our first pound tastes great! We heard about you and sampled your coffee at Kona Village Resort. This coffee is a great find!

Ken and Janice
I decided, after an exasperating weekend of holiday shopping, that nothing says Merry Christmas as well as a pound or two of really good Koa Coffee!

P. Ellington

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