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If you're a coffee lover, enjoy a few trivia tidbits to make you smile!. Bottoms up.

The Legend of Coffee

There are a number of different stories as to the origin of coffee and how it was discovered.

Though nobody knows for sure, the most common story is about a goat-herd named Kaldi who lived in Eastern Africa, most likely modern day Ethiopia,around the year 500 AD.

This goat herd noted that some of his goats, after feeding on an evergreen bush with red berries, began acting strangely. They seemed to become very active and vivacious. Curious about their behavior, Kaldi picked some of the berries and tasted them. He found that they invigorated him and made him more awake. The berries... were coffee!

Capuchin Monks...

Cappuccino is so named because of the drink's peak of foam which resembles the cowl of a Capuchin friar's habit.

Second only to oil!

Coffee is now one of the most valuable primary commodities in the world, often second in value only to to oil as a source of foreign exchange to developing Countries. Millions of people around the world earn their living from it.

Did you know?

Coffee sacks are usually made of hemp and weigh exactly 100 pounds when they are full of green coffee beans. It takes over 600,000 beans to fill a coffee sack.

Don't wine?

Coffee, if it were taxed like wine would be more expensive than it.
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