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kona coffee It's always best to grind only enough for each use, as coffee flavor and aroma break down rather quickly. Once your coffee is ground, you're ready to begin brewing.

Follow these instructions for a perfect cup of Kona Coffee:
  • Measure one tablespoon per six-ounce cup. You may adjust this based on your taste preference.

  • Use fresh, cold tap water, bottled water or, preferably, distilled water

  • Make sure your coffeemaker and pot are as clean as possible - if you use an automatic drip machine, clean it with a weak vinegar & water solution, followed by a thorough fresh water rinse

  • Follow brewing instructions for your coffeemaker

  • Once your brew is finished, remove it from heat immediately. Coffee left sitting on a burner starts to degrade in 20 minutes. Instead, keep your brew fresh in a thermal container

  • Never reheat coffee. This can destroy its flavor and leave you with a burnt and/or bitter taste
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